What I ate Last Week

I went to stay with David’s family this weekend, so I didn’t record calories or pay much attention to what I was eating. I included the recipes I used (click on “recipe”). Thanks for reading!

Monday 1659kcal
Breakfast: homemade vanilla late and Muesli-berry bowl (described on previous post)
Lunch: broccoli, pasta salad, funnel cake fries, tilapia (work food)
Dinner: Ground Turkey Fried Rice (recipe) Quick-Beef-and-Broccoli-Meal-Prep

Snack- brownie from work

Tuesday 2489kcal
Breakfast: same as yesterday
Lunch: Chicken Salad (recipe) Sandwich on whole wheat bread w/ alfafa sprouts & kale and pine-nut salad (recipe)
Dinner: same as last night
Snack: cookout milkshake, homemade oatmeal cream pie (recipe), 2 cheese sticks

Wednesday 2112kcal/ 45mins kickboxing
Lunch- personal pizza, cabbage, cole slaw, carrots, pink lemonade (work food)
Dinner- Chicken Salad Sandwich

Thursday 1745kcal
Breakfast- my Cup a Joe breakfast (on previous post)
Lunch- Skip
Dinner- whole wheat spaghetti and mushroom cream sauce (recipe) and steam green beans

Snack- Oatmeal cream pie

Friday ?
Breakfast- same as most of the week
Lunch- chicken salad sandwich
Dinner- 2 fried pickles and 1/2 turkey leg (fair food!)

Saturday ?
Breakfast- same
Lunch- David’s mom’s homemade soup & 2 cheese quesadillas
Dinner- same as lunch

Sunday ?
Breakfast- 2 ham, cheese, and egg biscuts
Lunch- 4 homemade tacos & Mt. Dew & flan
Dinner- 2 pieces of cheese pizza, and oatmeal cream pie

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